Cut resistance technical fabrics

Investigators -Dr.K.P.Chellamani and Mr.M.K.Vittopa


The Cut resistance of fabrics is an important attribute for some special technical applications.  Cut-resistant fabrics are made with elongated thin metal wires, high-performance fibres such as Polyester, Nylon, Loyotropic polymer made fibres, HDPE and Thermotropic liquid crystal polymer made fibres.  The  cut-resistant fibres are used to produce protective fabrics, gloves, sportswear etc.

SITRA has conducted an in-depth study to produce as many as 13 different cut-resistant fabrics and evaluated their comfort related properties.  Garments, Gloves & Short track speed skating sportswear were made using SITRA developed cut-resistant fabrics. 

Major Accomplishments / findings of the study:

  • SITRA has developed cut- resistant fabrics using core spun yarns. The core spun yarns were made using High Performance Polymers like Spectra, Kevlar and Zylon as well as by using Glass filaments, Copper wire & Lycra.
  • Among  the 13 fabrics developed by SITRA, 5 fabrics viz)  i) Spectra filament (warp) + Spectra filament (weft),  ii) Spectra core yarn (warp) + Spectra core yarn (Weft), iii) Zylon filament (warp) + Zylon filament (weft), iv) Zylon core yarn (warp) + Zylon core yarn (weft) and  v) Kevlar core yarn (warp) + Kevlar core yarn (weft)  meet the quality requirements essential for cut- resistant fabrics.
  • SITRA  developed  cut- resistant fabrics exhibited better Air permeability and Wicking
  • Three SITRA developed cut -resistant fabrics viz)  i)  Spectra core yarn (warp)  + Lycra core yarn (weft),   ii)  Kevlar core yarn (warp)   + Lycra core yarn (weft),    iii)  Zylon core yarn (warp)   + Lycra core yarn (weft)   are found suitable to be used as summer clothing
  • Two SITRA developed Cut resistant fabrics viz) i) Spectra filament (warp ) + spectra filament (weft) , ii) Zylon filament (warp)  + Zylon filament (weft)  are found suitable to be worn during Spring-Autumn & Winter.

Research Reports/Publications: Available with SITRA