Development of spun silk garments made of Hollow yarns

Investigators - Mr.T.SureshRam and Mr.S.Kathirvel


100% spun silk fabrics cannot be worn next to the skin during hot climates because of their comfort and thermal characteristics. In order to expand the end-uses of spun silk, it is necessary to develop newer type of spun silk yarns with properties different from that of traditional yarn.

The most obvious function of standard clothing is to cover the body to prevent the loss of heat on cold days. For this purpose, thermal insulation property is needed for the fabric. On the other hand, where heat loss is required, a different attributes, the ability to allow heat to be dissipated rapidly from the body is necessary; some kind of air flow by garment design is more important in this case. These two functions cannot be achieved by the ordinary spun silk fabrics. If these functions can be incorporated in the spun silk fabrics, they can be used as casual wear by both men and women. Both these functions can be achieved by developing  spun silk garments made of hollow spun silk yarns.

In view of the above, a project has been carried out at SITRA with the following objectives:

—     To develop spun silk garments with improved comfort characteristics made of hollow spun silk yarns.

—     To compare the properties of the spun silk fabrics produced using the hollow spun silk yarns and the normal spun silk yarns.

Major Accomplishments / findings of the study:

The qualities parameters of the core spun silk yarns are better in relation to that of normal spun silk yarns. This could improve the performance of weaving/knitting. Hollow spun silk fabrics possess improved characteristics such as air permeability, compressional energy and compressional resilience when compared to the normal spun silk fabrics.

Thermal comfort characteristics of hollow spun silk fabrics like water vapour transmission and thermal transmission are also better as compared to the normal spun silk fabrics. Hollow spun silk fabrics exhibited better absorbency and dyeability characteristics. Handle properties of hollow spun silk fabrics like bending length and bending rigidity are better when compared to the fabrics made from normal spun silk yarns.    

Research Reports/Publications: Available with SITRA